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‘Don’t Look Down’ is a well produced, well written, guitar driven album that will surely please fans of melodic rock/pop.

From the age of six Dion began classical piano lessons, undertaking grade examinations with the Australian Music Examinations Board. Dion continued these lessons for the next eleven years becoming an accomplished pianist.

As a teenager, Dion began writing and recording his own original songs, many of which were heavily requested and played on local radio stations.

Dion was quickly becoming known as a singer and performer fronting several popular local rock bands. His entertaining live shows and extensive touring has garnered a large and loyal following. Dion’s talents as a producer have also been recognised.  

Dion's musical tastes are wide ranging. However, his song writing influences include acts such as Matchbox Twenty, Bon Jovi, Keith Urban, Richard Marx and Bryan Adams to name just a few.

If you like songs that are infectious and hook-ridden, containing multi-layered harmonies and anthemic choruses combined with lyrics from the heart, then Dion's new album 'Don't Look Down' will definitely not disappoint.

Dion's new album 'Don't Look Down' is out now!

“A truly fantastic album” (rocktopia.co.uk)

"Total ecstacy for the listener. Damn, this guy is talented!" (rockmeeting.com)

"It doesn’t get much better than this folks. Fantastic" (melodicmusicreviews)

"This is Dion Bayman's best record to date, period! A killer release" (heavyparadise)

"Like a hurricane of ten thousand melodies...simply amazing" (aorland)

"The songs and production are all top notch...his best work so far" (glorydazemusic)

“Sensational from start to finish” (struttermagazine)

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Following on from his acclaimed releases ‘Afterburn’ and 'Smoke and Mirrors', Dion Bayman returns with his highly anticipated new album ‘Don’t Look Down’.

As well as having a heavier edge to the sound, ‘Don’t Look Down’ encompasses all the tremendous hooks, emotive vocals, beautiful melodies, and extremely catchy choruses that is expected from a Dion Bayman release.