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'Better Days' review from melodicmusicreviews
"Dion Bayman stands at the forefront of melodic pop rock and is one of the greatest artists the genre has seen in quite some time". "This record is absolute perfection".

'Better Days' review from aorland   
"Outstanding". "Without a doubt his best work to date". "Could be another album of the year".

'Better Days' review from heavyparadise   
"Man, I love every single moment of 'Better Days'…10/10"

'Better Days' review from Steel93 Rock Radio & WSRX 107.9  
"One of the best Melodic Rock albums in the past 10 years...hands down!"

'Better Days' review from metalglory  
"Magnificent…anthemic, compelling and excellently produced".

'Better Days' review from rockfarbror  
"The best record of his career so far". "The songs get stuck in your head straight away…you want to hear them more and more".

'Better Days' review from glorydazemusic  
"Dion has released another pearler set of tunes that deserves to be played everywhere".

'Better Days' review from allaroundmetal  
"What class from Mr. Bayman. 'Better Days' is a record that will delight".

'Better Days' review from metalforever
"Bayman has grown into an excellent composer whose current work is one of the top class representatives of melodic rock". "This Australian artist can stand proud amongst the foremost composers of the genre".

'Better Days' review from  
"Extraordinary". "To neglect 'Better Days' is the equivalent of perpetrating a crime against music".

'Better Days' review from metal-integral  
"A perfect album from start to finish".

'Better Days' review from rockersandotheranimalsmagazine  
"If you like harmonic sounds, brilliant chorus and modern AOR rock sound, this album is perfect".

'Better Days' review from vianocturna  
"One of the best records of the year".

'Better Days' review from metaleyes  
"A wonderful work". "A collection of beautiful songs, recommended without reservation...confirming the compositional talent of this talented Australian artist".

'Better Days' review from  
"Beautiful and successful, this Better Days is definitely the best and most complete work of this artist".

'Better Days' review from  
"With an album like this, any day should be better".

'Better Days' review from  
"Everything is in place between his superb voice...and especially his quality as a composer". "Melodically it's perfect...this guy masters the melodic genre".

'Better Days' review from Fireworks Magazine (Issue 85)
"Catchy, infectious choruses are Bayman's bread and butter, and on this release he pumps them out like a machine gun. His consistency with writing high-quality songs is something that helps make him stand out from the crowd" "I've heard a lot of good music this year, but this definitely sits up the top as one of the best Melodic Rock releases of the year!"

'Don't Look Down' review from melodicmusicreviews
"His voice is above reproach, a clear and beautiful vocal throughout the whole record as usual. His production is top notch and competes with anyone releasing on big named record labels. And the songs here are all fantastic with not a filler track in sight"..."I cannot recommend highly enough. If you want incredibly catchy, hook-laden melodies then look no further. It doesn’t get much better than this folks".

'Don't Look Down' review from  
"A truly fantastic album…surely the summer soundtrack for 2016". "Bayman has once again highlighted his exceptional song-writing skills, which embodies big melodies, huge choruses, loads of keyboards and crunching guitars".

'Don't Look Down' review from heavyparadise  
"This is Dion Bayman's best record to date, period! A killer release that includes ten melodic rock gems filled with 'clever' hooks and choruses, excellent performances, a positive vibe and heart and soul!"

'Don't Look Down' review from aorland
"A total storm of melodies that intoxicate us and make this new album into something remarkable. Anyone who doesn't know the quality of this Australian artist better catch up because otherwise they will be missing out on something very special".

'Don't Look Down' review from struttermagazine  
"Sensational from start to finish" "We finally have a real independent artist doing great AOR/Melodic Rock the way it needs to be done".

'Don't Look Down' review from  
"Total ecstacy for the listener. Damn, this guy is talented!"

'Don't Look Down' review from 
"What impresses throughout is the sheer joy that the listener gets from the well written melodies and wealth of choruses that don’t need more than one listen to get you humming along".

'Don't Look Down' review from  
"The songs, arrangements and production are all top notch" "The bright and breezy nature of this album makes it a pleasure to listen to" "'Don't Look Down' is his best work so far".

'Don't Look Down' review from Rock Hard Magazine (Germany)  
"An album not to be missed". 

'Afterburn' review from
"Full of soul, power and passion and you will find yourself blown away by just how good this is" "Nothing short of amazing...10/10 masterpiece".  

'Afterburn' review from  
"Afterburn should be on your list of must-hear CDs" "The sonic quality would embarrass even the best studio jocks" "In a land filled with over-rated sportsmen and dodgy politicians, Australia needs a new hero. I vote for Dion Bayman!"

'Afterburn' review from aorland  
"Goes directly to the best of the year...a spectacular album".

'Afterburn' review from
"In a fair world Dion Bayman would rule the radio stations with his music all over the world" "A fantastic album...essential for every melodic rock fan".

'Afterburn' review from melodicmusicreviews  
"This Australian rocker is fantastic with his pop infused melodic rock". "A relentless onslaught of infectious songs and fantastic vocals". "One hell of a great record".

'Afterburn' review from heavyparadise
"Dion has a warm and passionate voice that takes his whole work to a higher level" "Beautiful melodies and harmonies, catchy choruses and most of all well-written tracks" "Simply breathtaking...a fantastic modern melodic rock album".

'Afterburn' review from 80srockparadise  
"This is the best CD of the year...a masterpiece".

'Afterburn' review from  
"High excellent pop/rock album!"

'Afterburn' review from  
"This album is a killer" "Sublime" "Magnificent"

'Afterburn' review from  
"Supreme melodies" "Rush to buy this work".

'Afterburn' review from Rock Hard Magazine - VOL. 336 (Germany)  
"Magnificent second album...cannot get the songs out of my ears". 

'Smoke and Mirrors' review from
"I’m loving this near perfect album. Dion’s delivered a masterpiece of modern AOR at its finest".

'Smoke and Mirrors' review from  
"Every melodic rock lover gets 40 minutes of pure melodic pop/rock bliss. Dion Bayman is a very talented musician and well rounded performer, who knows exactly how to produce an enjoyable album".

'Smoke and Mirrors' review from  
"Good to see the rest of the world sitting up and taking notice. It's not all beer, footy and strange furry animals down under mate! There is a bit of culture to be found here".

'Smoke and Mirrors' review from heavyparadise  
"Perfectly balanced between the rockers and the mid-tempos, "Smoke And Mirrors" comes to offer to us a strong release and one of the biggest surprises of this year. This effort will grab you from the very first spin and will leave you hungry for more!!"

'Smoke and Mirrors' review from  
"Excellent songwriting" "Impossible not to get wrapped up in the choruses".

'Smoke and Mirrors' review from    
"Absolutely impressive" "AOR at its best"

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